Beer Brined BBQ
Chicken breast brined in dark  beer overnight & finished with tangy BBQ sauce
Rosemary Dijon
Wonderful beefy flavor with dijon & rosemary
Seasonal Veggies
This item will change frequently

Zesty Tequila Lime
Flank steak drunk on tequila, cilantro & lime juice
Spicy Sweet BBQ
Ginger-infused & spiced up

Tangy Moroccan Grape
Smokey chicken paired with grapes
& lemon zest
Jacked Up Jerk
Packed full of fresh herbs with an unexpected bite
Steak Stix
Chicken Stix
Veggie Stix
Fruit Stix
Tomato Caprese

Summer Salad

Sweet STIX!
Grilled Pineapple
Grilled Apple or Pear
Amazing gourmet flavors!
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WW. Pts. 2

Don't you just love the smell of food sizzlin' on the grill? Mmmm, we know you do!

STIX go above and beyond your typical backyard skewers. We have meats, veggies and fruits that will knock your socks off! Our STIX are infused with natural flavors from our hand crafted marinades.

Menu changes according to what is fresh at the market.

Daily menu is posted on twitter.
We take cross contamination very seriously and make every effort possible to ensure the safest food practices. No known tree nuts are used in any of our recipes.

**Prices are subject to change